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Tonio D.

Mr. Fleming took care of me and my business partner in our time of need. We had a DUI reduced and got my felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor. His price was reasonable and he worked with us to set up payments. I wished I waited and fought my case more. He got me a really good plea deal so everything can be done in a year. Although, I believe he could have got the entire case dismissed, I just wanted it to be over. I definitely will be using him for all my cases, and hopefully he doesn’t have to save me again.

Clyde B.

Great man of integrity. Very in touch with his clients and truly works for you.

Destiny A.

He really helped my case and got the sentence decreased. He was very diligent and got it resolved fast.

Kellie S.

Thank you Mr. Fleming for your expertise. You were always available to answer my calls if I had any questions. I appreciate your firm. Best!


Very great experience throughout the entire process. Answered my calls at any time of day for any of my questions or concerns. All cases involving Reckless driving , Impeding traffic and most importantly “Racing” have been dropped of my record. Very blessed, you get what you pay for. Drive Safe

Donnie H.

Great lawyer he will make u comfortable all my charges are dismissed. Mr Fleming is a great guy.

Geoffrey W

I am glad I chose the Fleming Firm, LLC to represent me. They won my case and I’ll be recommending them to my friends.

Jordan B.

Mr. Fleming is the man! Professional, quick to respond, knowledgeable & very patient. So grateful to have had The Fleming Firm to represent me in my case.

Lee L.

Preston Fleming handled my case diligently from the start. Always letting me know everything from a prospective outcome to what the worse could be with keeping me rather calm in a stressful situation.
He is not one that shuts his cell off at 5pm, he has called at 830pm sometimes to go over my case.
I highly recommend Preston for anyone facing the unfortunate and uncertainty of the courts.
Thank you Sir,

Julie A.

After our son found himself in trouble after speeding, which the GCPD labeled as “racing”, we did not know where to turn. Without the help of The Fleming Firm, we know that he would have not received the judgement that he did. Throughout the entire process of the case, Mr. Fleming was always available to answer any questions, via phone or email. Everything that was conveyed to us during the consultation was delivered, and we are extremely grateful. He defended our son’s rights and sought for the best. He assured us that he would fight for him until the end and would not accept any decision that we were not in agreement with, and he did. Retaining The Fleming Firm, LLC and having Mr. Fleming work on our case made a devastating time in our lives manageable. Mr. Fleming’s work ethic, knowledge of the law, willingness to listen to our concerns, his passion for his profession and compassion for his clients were all prominently shown throughout the entire case. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure the best outcome possible. We could not have asked for a better law firm or attorney and will highly recommend Mr. Fleming and The Fleming Firm, LLC to anyone who is in need of legal representation.

Alante S.

If I could give him 10 stars I would! We had been going to court on and off for 6 years for a Marijuana Dui, it was stressful but he was with me every step of the way he was there to the end. In court he was precise, detailed, and ever so eloquently insightful about the law. He fought tooth and nail for me, utilizing every tool to help me win. Needless to say when I heard NOT GUILTY in that small court room in north Georgia it joyfully brought tears to my eyes. He literally help changed my life forever. Thanks Preston, Forever grateful. I would only recommend you! God Bless you, now I can move forward with my life thanks to your help!!!

Kyrie F.

Grabbed my very first DUI cased I hired Attorney Flemings firm to handle the case. They were knowledgeable, prompt, transparent and overall a great firm to contact the experience and process with working along side the firm made the process smooth. Thank you, The Fleming Firm.

Marlaina J.

I must say best decision made! Mr. Fleming is very much on his game. My husband was driving through GA and was involved in an accident where he was wrongfully interrogated and arrested. We had to take it to trial due to my husband not willing to take any lesser deal due to innocence. Mr. Fleming made sure to gather all the evidence and prove to the judge that the prosecution had no evidence and ultimately was able to get a directive verdict and all charges were dropped!! We were overjoyed and my husband literally smiled driving all the way back to TN! He even had to call and thank him another time or two! I would definitely call him again if needed but hopefully we won’t be in GA anymore for any issues! Definitely a GREAT ATTORNEY!!

Bobby M.

Mr. Fleming is an outstanding attorney. My DUI case dragged on for almost 2 years. Every time I called the office, I was able to with Mr. Fleming or he called me back that same day. In the end, he was able to negotiate a fair settlement of my case. Finally, even after my case was over I was able to call and speak to him if I had any additional questions free of charge. you definitely want him on your side in a criminal case. I would recommend Mr. Fleming to all of my friends and family.

Natasha N.

Mr. Fleming is a one of a kind type of Attorney. He is professional and personal with providing his services to you. My family is truly thankful and grateful to have chosen such an amazing Attorney who really was a God-sent. He followed the case to a T and was there when we needed him the most through this difficult process that worked out in our favor. I highly recommend The Fleming Firm, you will not be disappointed with His exceptional services.

Yardeh D.

I appreciate The Fleming Firm, LLC. for such a phenomenal job done, and their professionalism. My case was settled in a reasonable amount of time. He and his staff made sure that my car was repaired properly. They kept in touch with me frequently and updated me with details. This is a great law firm.

Zoie D.

Mr Fleming was great he helped me to be able to stay home with my family instead of spending a year i. Jail away from my family. Thank you, Mr F Fleming, for all you have done to “Mr. Fleming was great he helped me to be able to stay home with my family instead of spending a year in jail away from my family. Thank you, Mr. Fleming, for all you have done.”

Shaq B.

I would like to thank The Fleming Firm for an amazing job. When I caught my case Mr. Fleming was the second lawyer that I spoke to. Immediately I knew that I wanted to have him represent me. He is super understanding and was completely transparent with everything about the case, he broke down the bad and also put hope in the good things that could come out of the situation.

With his amazing leadership I did not get charged with a DUI but got off with just reckless driving. Super cool dude. I would totally recommend The Fliming Firm services !

Best in the Atlanta/Atlanta metro area !!

Joseph H.

Mr. Fleming did a great job on my case. He stayed in contact which I love. He got my DUI reduced to a reckless driving. Very affordable, down to earth and extremely cool, thank you Mr. Fleming hope I never have to use you again but if I do I’m calling you.

Bengie D.

Attorney Fleming is an awesome attorney. I was falsely accused of a serious felony and faced 15 years in prison if convicted. Attorney Fleming was able to negotiate a plea deal in which I got no jail time and 12 months probation. Thank you Attorney Fleming for “Leaving No Stone Unturned” on my case.

Brandyn C.

I cannot thank the Fleming Firm enough in their representation in my case. Mr. Fleming is very knowledgeable and will fight for you the best that anyone possibly can. He is extremely involved, kind, and very responsive at any and all times of the day. There has not been a moment in my case that a situation,
question, or change was not taken care of within 24 hours or sooner. 5 out of 5. Thank you Mr.Fleming!

Catherine N.

I cannot express enough gratitude for the outstanding legal representation provided by Attorney Fleming. Facing a charge is an incredibly stressful and challenging situation, but Mr. Fleming demonstrated unparalleled expertise, compassion, and empathy throughout the entire process.

While Mr. Fleming is widely recognized for his expertise in handling DUI cases, he is equally proficient in vigorously advocating for clients facing criminal charges. From our first conversation, it was evident that Mr. Fleming is not only highly knowledgeable in criminal defense but also deeply cares about the well-being of his clients. His compassionate approach put me at ease during a time when anxiety was at its peak. He took the time to thoroughly explain the legal process, ensuring I understood every aspect of my case.

What truly sets Mr. Fleming apart is his unwavering empathy. He treated me with genuine understanding and kindness, providing the emotional support I needed during this difficult period. His ability to connect with clients on a personal level is a rare and invaluable quality in the legal profession.

Throughout the legal proceedings, Mr. Fleming exhibited a level of professionalism and dedication that surpassed my expectations. He navigated the complexities of my case with skill and precision, leaving no stone unturned. His in-depth knowledge of the law was evident in his strategic approach, ultimately resulting in a favorable outcome.