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If you have been implicated in a sexual assault case in Lawrenceville, GA, powerful criminal defense services from a Lawrenceville sexual assault lawyer can be an invaluable asset in the legal battle to come. If you or someone you know needs this sort of representation, time is of the essence. The Lawrenceville sexual assault defense team at The Fleming Firm is standing by to help.

Having a skilled and compassionate Lawrenceville sexual assault lawyer by your side as you enter into these sensitive and consequential proceedings can make a drastic difference, both in your confidence levels and in the eventual outcome of the case. At The Fleming Firm, we understand the gravity and emotionally charged nature of sexual assault cases, and we are committed to providing our fellow Georgians with the support they need.

Lawrenceville Sexual Assault Lawyer

The Fleming Firm is able to offer highly effective criminal defense services for a range of different sexual assault charges, including:


In a legal context, rape occurs when one party forces themselves upon another party sexually, and it is primarily defined by a lack of consent from the victim. Like violent crimes, more generally, most–but not all–rapes occur between parties who already know one another.

Statutory Rape

Statutory rape is a particular type of rape charge that is defined by the status of the principals, in this case, their age, rather than a lack of consent in the traditional sense. Under the law, someone who is under 16 years of age cannot legally consent to sexual activity, qualifying any act of intercourse with such a person as rape under the letter of the law, i.e., “statutory rape.”

The potential penalties for statutory rape are informed by the age of the perpetrator as well as that of the victim, with offenders who are 21 and over being subject to significantly harsher prosecution.

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery is a criminal offense that occurs by way of a perpetrator deliberately touching someone else’s private parts for their own gratification. As with rape, the crime is defined not by the action itself but by a lack of consent on the victim’s part. The concept of sexual battery can be widely applied, as this touching can be a matter of coercion or intimidation as well as one of force. Regardless of how the unwanted touching was achieved, sexual battery is typically considered a felony charge.

Child Molestation

Child molestation is a rather broad criminal category that is defined as an indecent or immoral act being done to or near a child under the age of 16. To meet the criteria for child molestation, the act must also be done with the intent to sexually stimulate or satisfy the perpetrator and/or the child.

Aggravated Child Molestation

When an act of child molestation involves physical injury to the child, or includes an element of sodomy, it becomes an even more serious charge of aggravated child molestation.

Sodomy and Aggravated Sodomy

Georgia and some other states still have sodomy laws on the books, which can potentially invoke harsher penalties in sexual assault and rape cases that include an element of anal penetration or a sexual act involving the sex organs of a perpetrator or victim and the mouth of a perpetrator or victim.

The above is only a list of examples, and it is not an exhaustive resource for Georgia crimes that can potentially include an element of sexual abuse or sexual assault. For personalized legal advice specific to your case, please contact The Fleming Firm to set up an initial consultation.

The above is only a list of examples, and it is not an exhaustive resource for Georgia crimes that can potentially include an element of sexual abuse or sexual assault. For personalized legal advice specific to your case, please contact The Fleming Firm to set up an initial consultation.

Sexual assault charges represent a serious challenge to your reputation and, often, your very freedom. State authorities work swiftly and diligently to convict and punish offenders in this area, and wrongful accusations can quickly spiral beyond your control. You owe it to yourself to respond with the most effective legal representation you can find.

The Fleming Firm can offer clients accused of sex crimes access to knowledgeable legal services. Our way of doing criminal defense includes:

  • Unmatched Legal Skills and Strategies – We possess advanced knowledge of Georgia laws, your constitutional rights, and proven criminal defense strategies. We can put this impressive legal background to work on your behalf. Our finely honed legal skills allow us to analyze the details of your case to build a compelling defense.
  • Sensitivity and Compassion – We know how sensitive and emotionally challenging sexual assault cases can be for everyone involved, which means that we know the importance of approaching them with sensitivity, compassion, and constant professionalism.
  • Highly Available Legal Support – When we say that our sexual assault defense team is available to help you when you need it most, we really mean it. One thing that sets us apart from some competitors is the fact that our clients get 24/7 access to their legal team through phone, text, e-mail, or our online website portal.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions and Transparent Billing – We know that planning for the cost of legal representation can represent an entirely new set of stressors at a time when you need them least, so we strive to make the billing process as straightforward and transparent as possible. With The Fleming Firm, you always know exactly what you’re paying and what services you’ll receive for your investment.

The Fleming Firm: Compassionate, Supportive Legal Guidance in Sensitive Sexual Assault Matters

At The Fleming Firm, we stand by the legal principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we know there are two sides to every story. We approach sexual assault cases with the sensitivity and empathy they deserve, including when helping our clients build effective strategies to defend against wrongful charges and mitigate harsh penalties.

We understand the heavy emotional toll that sexual assault cases can have on everyone involved, and we’re prepared to meet that challenge with steadfast, compassionate support that goes with our powerful legal solutions.

When you’ve been accused of sexual assault or other sex crimes, your reputation and future are suddenly on the line. This can leave you feeling blindsided, overwhelmed, and alone. In these dire circumstances, it’s absolutely essential to have a skilled legal advocate who can vigorously defend your rights and ensure fair treatment in court. The Fleming Firm is proud to serve as that advocate for the people of Lawrenceville, GA, and the surrounding areas.

If you need help defending against accusations of sexual assault, sexual battery, or related crimes, please contact our Lawrenceville offices at your earliest convenience to set up a no-pressure consultation with a member of our team.