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Discover What a Lawrenceville Criminal Defense Lawyer From The Fleming Firm Can Do For You.

If you’ve been charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, or another serious crime, the first thing you need to do is hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. That’s where our criminal defense law firm, The Fleming Firm, comes in. We are experienced and knowledgeable lawyers providing services to the Lawrenceville, GA, community and those in the surrounding areas.

To learn more about what we can do for you, reach out now by calling my office at 770-727-0599 or filling out the form on the Contact page.

Lawrenceville Criminal Defense Lawyer

See What Kinds of Criminal Cases We Can Take On

Lawrenceville area residents can rely on my criminal defense law firm to represent them no matter what kind of charges they’re facing. Make us your criminal defense lawyer firm of choice if you’re facing charges for:

Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is a serious offense that combines violent crime and property crime. It involves a suspect brandishing a weapon or using threats of violence in the course of stealing property. Sentences for armed robbery convictions can be severe, with the threat of significant prison terms hanging over those awaiting trial.

Effective defense strategies for armed robbery cases may hinge on challenging the identification of the defendant, disputing the elements of force or intimidation, or proving a lack of intent, which can reduce the charges.


Burglary is another serious property crime. It involves unlawfully entering someone else’s property to steal property or commit some additional felony. The most serious type of burglary charge, Burglary in the First Degree, is levied when the burglary occurs at someone’s primary residence, and it can carry serious fines and prison sentences upon conviction. Possible defense strategies for burglary may include mistaken identity or establishing alibis to prove that the defendant could not have been involved.

Child Molestation

Some of the most sensitive and disturbing cases to go through Georgia’s court system involve harm to innocent children. Those convicted of child molestation face severe penalties, including imprisonment, financial restitution, and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Those implicated in such charges will likely feel an urgent need for the intervention of a talented Lawrenceville criminal defense lawyer.

A criminal defense attorney attorney can ensure that their side of the story is told in a coherent and compelling way so that their name may be cleared. A skilled lawyer can help you challenge the prosecution’s evidence and will work with you to get the most optimal result possible.

Attempted Murder

A murder does not need to be successfully carried out for the attempt to qualify as a serious crime. Acts of attempted murder are vigorously prosecuted, regardless of whether they result in any physical injury to the intended victim.

Winning defense strategies in attempted murder cases may revolve around demonstrating a lack of premeditation or provocation, which can help reduce the charges. Your attorney could also attempt to prove that the attempted violence was done in self-defense, which has the potential to see the charges thrown out entirely.

Illegal Drug Crimes

Drug charges are also among the most serious offenses in Georgia, with police, prosecutors, and court authorities all eager to reduce the ongoing drug problems in the Lawrenceville area and other communities. The illegal sale, distribution, or even personal use of controlled substances can lead to probation, fines, jail time, and other significant punishments. Such substances can include:

  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Fentanyl
  • Hallucinogens
  • Prescription opiates
  • Cannabis


There are various levels of assault charges in Georgia to deal with offenders who cause bodily harm to another person or attempt to do so. Prison time is a likely outcome for a serious assault conviction, and the stiffest penalties are reserved for those who use a weapon when carrying out an assault and those who do serious injury to their victims.

Defending against an assault charge might involve demonstrating that the injury happened accidentally or that the altercation was a matter of self-defense rather than an aggravated attack.

DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

DUI charges are invoked when someone operates a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, with penalties being generally commensurate with the severity of the infraction and other factors, such as previous offenses.

A defense strategy for a DUI might involve questioning the legality of the initial traffic stop or disputing the accuracy of field sobriety tests. Even in clear cases where the evidence is stacked against a driver, a good criminal defense attorney may be able to help a defendant avoid jail time for a first-offense DUI.

Domestic Violence

Violent crimes or emotional abuse against a member of one’s own family or household can lead to serious criminal charges in Georgia, ranging from court-ordered counseling to substantial incarceration time.

A defense against domestic violence charges often requires a thorough understanding of family law in addition to a comprehensive understanding of Georgia criminal codes.

A domestic violence defense usually starts with a detail-oriented analysis of the available evidence, and it may require third-party testimony to dispute the credibility of someone making false allegations.


Fraud encompasses a range of different offenses that involve using deceit for financial gain. This may include identity theft, hacking schemes, or so-called “white-collar crimes,” like corporate embezzlement. Successful fraud defense requires an attorney who understands this delicate intersection of finance and criminal law.

How Much Do the Most Effective Criminal Defense Attorneys Make?

Many Georgians will, unfortunately, find themselves in unexpected legal trouble, so it’s true that good criminal defense attorneys can find ample business and make a comfortable living.

At The Fleming Firm, however, our approach to criminal defense is not about maximizing profits or having the flashiest billboards. For us, everything begins with providing highly effective legal strategies that help get our clients out of trouble. We believe that if we do this consistently and at a high level, our reputation will speak for itself, and financial success will follow. So far, this business model has been proven right in the form of many satisfied clients who have had their criminal charges reduced or dropped.

What Types of Defense Attorneys Are Used in Most Courts in the United States?

The foundational laws in our country give citizens the right to free legal counsel when they cannot afford it. However, there are several reasons why a criminal defendant should consider enlisting the help of a private attorney:

  • A private Lawrenceville criminal defense attorney can give personalized attention and responsive legal support to each client they take on.
  • A reputable private firm can give you access to lawyers who have an established record of success in your specific type of case.
  • Personal choice is another big factor for many defendants when choosing their legal representation. Hiring a private attorney allows you to pick a firm that you trust and respect.
  • Private law firms are highly responsive to their clients’ needs. Often, a client can get a response to a message in mere hours, which can be an absolutely critical difference in fast-moving criminal prosecutions. At The Fleming Firm, we pride ourselves on 24/7 client access through phone, e-mail, or web portal.

The Fleming Firm: Your Lawrenceville Criminal Defense Lawyers

The scope of criminal charges in Georgia is vast, but The Fleming Firm is well-equipped to help you deal with whatever charges you’re facing. We work hard to build a solid defense for your case. To get started with a free consultation, contact me today.