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Assault charges in Lawrenceville, GA, or the surrounding area can create numerous personal, financial, and legal obstacles for the accused. This can be especially true when facing felony-level charges for aggravated assault. If you’re facing such challenges, a Lawrenceville assault lawyer from The Fleming Firm can provide seasoned legal representation to defend against these allegations.

As your dedicated and successful Lawrenceville assault lawyers, we offer a comprehensive understanding of these situations–and the gravity they carry–in a legal context, explaining detailed and highly formalized court processes to better prepare you for whatever comes next.

We know that every assault accusation is surrounded by a myriad of unique details and circumstances, so we take the time to know our clients to tailor our defense strategies to each client’s individual needs.

Understanding Assault and Related Charges in the State of Georgia

Some people mistakenly believe that “assault and battery” is the official name of the crime that occurs when a physical attack or fight happens between two or more parties. In reality, Georgia law breaks down assault and battery crimes into several distinct categories, with aggravated assault being among the most serious.

At The Fleming Firm of Lawrenceville, GA, we offer legal defense services that are thorough, proactive, and highly cost-effective, and we can do so for the full range of assault-type cases, including:

Simple Assault

A simple assault is the least severe assault charge in the State of Georgia. This charge involves one person attempting to violently injure another or deliberately putting them at risk of such an injury. Simple assault is usually prosecuted as a Class C misdemeanor.

Aggravated Assault

The difference between simple assault and aggravated assault often has to do with the scope of intent on the perpetrator’s end more than the severity of any injuries received by the victim. If the perpetrator committed an assault with the intention of robbing, murdering, or sexually assaulting the victim, it is likely to be prosecuted as an aggravated assault.

A distinction can also be made in the severity of penalties incurred upon conviction, with aggravated assault charges carrying serious, felony-level sentences. For Georgians facing such charges, swift intervention from a reputable aggravated assault defense attorney can be key.

Simple Battery

Assault and battery are often spoken of in the same breath, and many people without legal training are completely unaware of the important differences between these two types of charges.

A simple battery charge (usually a misdemeanor in Georgia) involves actual physical contact. This contact usually involves slapping, punching, kicking, shoving, or biting another person, although any form of unwanted touching could potentially be charged as battery.

This is different from an assault charge, which can be based on a serious and credible threat of violence, even if the situation never actually escalated to a physical altercation. Battery must always involve physical contact, while assault is defined by intention and may or may not have a component of actual physical violence.

Aggravated Battery

Aggravated battery is a more serious form of battery charge, much like assault and aggravated assault. For an incident to be charged as aggravated battery in Georgia, it must typically involve malicious bodily harm to an extent so great that the victim loses normal use of one or more body parts.

This can take a wide variety of forms, from a simple broken bone to lifelong paralysis. The prosecution strategy and sentencing in an aggravated battery case will be informed by the severity of the situation.

Family Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue throughout the United States, so the legal framework in Georgia is especially harsh when dealing with assault and battery charges that occur within a family context. When assault or battery occurs between family members, this is often grounds to elevate the charge to “aggravated” status.

Effective Legal Defense for Assault Charges

If you’ve been arrested on assault offenses or charged with a similar crime in Lawrenceville, GA, it’s crucial to seek quality legal counsel as soon as possible. Even if you believe that your arrest has been a clear and obvious misunderstanding, or you have an airtight alibi, you should not attempt to talk to police and prosecutors on your own.

In fact, these forces must be met with powerful legal representation of your own if you wish to safeguard your rights and interests throughout an assault trial. That is the very sort of legal service The Fleming Firm is ready to provide.

We Offer Our Clients Access to a Powerful Legal Toolkit That Includes:

  • Strategic, Personalized Criminal Defense Services – There is no standard solution to complex and sensitive criminal cases. Instead, we craft thoughtful, completely customized legal solutions that are tailored to the specific circumstances of each case we take on. Our approach to crafting legal strategies is collaborative, compassionate, and judgment-free. Even if you are up against serious felony aggravated assault charges, we are here to stand by your side and offer you the support you need and deserve.
  • Highly Responsive Legal Support – We pride ourselves on being there for you when you need us. We understand that legal emergencies don’t wait on your convenience, so we work diligently to make sure that we’re as available as possible for our clients. Contact us through our website or direct phone line, and a highly qualified member of our Lawrenceville criminal defense team can get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Compassion Meets Legal Excellence – We know that facing assault charges can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. We’re ready to provide compassionate, judgment-free support throughout the entire legal process.

What Is the Penalty for Assault in Georgia?

Charges for assault and battery in Georgia can take a variety of forms, from a simple assault involving one party threatening to slap another, all the way up to an aggravated battery that involves someone losing a limb to gun violence. Because of this massive variance in the nature of assault and battery cases, the potential penalties and sentences also vary.

Those facing misdemeanor charges for their first simple assault offense can often avoid jail time altogether, depending on the circumstances of the case and the quality of their defense strategy. Meanwhile, Georgians convicted of a battery that put someone into a coma, or defendants with a long history of prior violence, may face the possibility of lengthy prison sentences.

Working with an assault defense attorney from The Fleming Firm can help you mitigate the potential consequences of an assault or battery charge to the greatest possible extent.

The Fleming Firm: Your Trusted Resource for Beating or Reducing Assault Charges

When you’ve been accused of assault or another violent crime, it can feel like the world is against you. Under the law, however, you are innocent until proven guilty, just like anyone else. The assault defense team at The Fleming Firm of Lawrenceville is standing by to guide you through this stressful and challenging time with knowledgeable legal advice and custom-tailored defense strategies.

If you need help addressing assault charges in Georgia, contact The Fleming Firm today to get started with a confidential, no-pressure consultation.