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Lawrenceville Drug Crimes Attorney

If you’ve been implicated in drug-related charges in Lawrenceville, GA, you need legal representation to protect your rights from the moment you’re arrested. Georgia police, prosecutors, and court officials put great emphasis on getting drugs off the streets, so they pursue these charges aggressively. As such, you will want to enlist a Lawrenceville drug crime lawyer as early in the process as possible.

The Fleming Firm offers powerful, client-focused representation in this area, and we are committed to helping clients beat drug charges or mitigate the consequences of drug convictions, even in the most high-profile and complex cases.

If you are facing serious felony charges related to a major drug trafficking operation, this need for quality legal intervention will be even more pressing.

Drug trafficking charges carry a serious social stigma, and it may feel like everything is against you, regardless of what the evidence says. Powerful legal representation is often the quickest, most cost-effective way to clear your name and safeguard your freedom in the face of drug trafficking charges.

Common Drug Charges in Lawrenceville, GA

As your dedicated Lawrenceville drug crime lawyer, The Fleming Firm is focused on defending Georgians who have been accused of drug-related offenses. Some of the different types of drug crimes for which we offer creative defense strategies include:

  • Drug Possession – This common drug charge involves an individual being in possession of an illicit controlled substance as defined by the federal DEA drug schedule. (For certain controlled drugs, of course, possession is allowed with a valid prescription.) Note that the possession of cannabis also remains criminalized in Georgia, unlike several other states.
  • Drug Distribution and Intent to Distribute – When someone is believed to have sold or delivered illegal drugs to another person, a distribution charge may be levied. If the state can prove someone’s intent to distribute drugs, this can also be prosecuted as a crime, even if the sale or delivery was never successfully completed. Distribution charges can carry severe sentences, as they are subject to mandatory minimum sentencing rules at the federal level.
  • Drug Trafficking – Trafficking is the criminal act of transporting illegal drugs. Technically, this can refer to either drugs for sale or those for personal use. In practice, however, drug trafficking charges tend to be serious, felony-level charges related to the trafficking of large quantities of illegal drugs as part of a for-profit operation.
  • Drug Manufacturing – Any activity that consists of producing or cultivating illegal drugs may be charged as drug manufacturing. This can be broadly applied, with a methamphetamine lab, an illegal cannabis grow, and a prescription fraud ring all potentially qualifying as manufacturing crimes.
  • Drug Paraphernalia – Items used to aid in the growing, cultivating, packaging, storing, hiding, or consumption of illegal drugs can be enough to prosecute, even if the drugs themselves are not found. The court might order testing for drug residue on such items to prove their use of illicit substances.

Drug Crime Penalties in Lawrenceville, GA

The potential punishments and sentences for drug crimes in Georgia are as varied as the list of drug crimes. Some drug charges represent routine misdemeanors that may result in small fines or probation, while other, more serious crimes, like involvement in large-scale drug distribution rings, can yield years behind bars.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can help mitigate these consequences and argue in court for a more lenient sentence.

Certain drug crimes may be subject to federal or state mandatory minimum sentencing rules. Some of the factors that will influence the sentence for a drug conviction in Georgia include:

  • The specific charge (drug trafficking carries far more serious consequences than simple possession of personal amounts of a drug, for example)
  • The type and quantity of drug(s) involved
  • Any prior criminal history
  • Additional case details, like violence or motor vehicle operation
  • The quality of the defendant’s legal representation

A reputable drug crimes attorney from The Fleming Firm can offer assistance in these complicated and consequential cases. We begin by gaining a detail-oriented understanding of your case and its unique circumstances.

Then, we move on to gathering and analyzing any evidence or testimony available to us. We can then build a powerful legal defense strategy that is informed by these factors and totally customized to your unique situation.

How Much Does a Drug Crime Lawyer Cost in Georgia?

Budgeting for legal assistance can be one of the most important responsibilities on your end when dealing with an accusation of drug crimes. This is not always a matter of simple math, however. The cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney for a drug case in Lawrenceville, GA, can vary a great deal from case to case, as it is dependent on a variety of factors:

  • The Complexity of Your Case – The more complicated a drug case becomes, the more time it will likely take to sort out the details in court. Because a defense attorney is typically paid an hourly rate, this complexity can lead to higher legal fees.
  • Local Market Conditions – The local market for legal representation can vary from city to city or season to season. The Fleming Firm strives to offer comprehensive criminal defense strategies at a fair price point. We work to make our legal help accessible to Georgians when they need it most.
  • The Quality of Your Legal Representation – Your attorney’s reputation for results can drive up demand for their services, leading to the potential for increased rates. The Fleming Firm strives to keep rates reasonable without compromising the quality of our legal services.
  • Evidence-Related Costs – It is possible to encounter additional expenses when building your defense strategy. Your attorney can help you access powerful legal tools, like forensic testing and expert witness testimony, but this usually involves an additional fee to pay a third party for their services.

Note that these legal fees paid to your attorney are separate from any court fees you may need to pay or any fines you may be ordered to pay by the court pursuant to sentencing. Your attorney can help you understand and prepare for any ancillary costs related to your case.

The Fleming Firm: Protecting Your Rights and Future With Powerful Legal Strategies

Don’t let a single mistake, a challenging period in your life, or even a wrongful accusation of drug involvement threaten your entire future. Drug charges in Georgia are serious and call for an equally serious response on the part of the accused.

The Fleming Firm is ready to help you fight your way through this stressful and upsetting process, offering constant support and steering your case toward the greatest outcome possible.

If you’ve been arrested on drug-related charges in Georgia, there’s no overstating the gravity of the situation. Your rights and your future are on the line from the moment that charges are filed against you. Don’t take the risk of attempting to navigate Georgia’s complex criminal justice system alone.

The Fleming Firm is standing by to help. When you’re ready to get started, please reach out to our Lawrenceville offices.