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Lawrenceville ALS Hearings Lawyer

Being charged with a DUI can have many ramifications for the driver and their families. A DUI charge can lead to penalties and reputational damage. There are certain steps that an individual should take immediately after being charged with a DUI in the state, and a Lawrenceville ALS hearings attorney can help. State law can be difficult to navigate, but with the help of an experienced attorney, the process can be made a lot easier.

Lawrenceville ALS Hearings Attorney

What Is an ALS Hearing?

An ALS hearing is an administrative license suspension hearing. This hearing is used by drivers who wish to appeal a driver’s license suspension. When a driver is arrested for driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, they may face having their license suspended for anywhere from six months to a couple of years, depending on the details of the case. Drivers in this situation will likely want to file an administrative license suspension hearing, and a DUI defense attorney can help with that process.

ALS Procedure

The procedure for filing an administrative license suspension hearing is not very complicated; however, there is a very strict timeline for when the hearing must be filed. After the driver has been charged or arrested for driving while they are impaired, they will receive a notice outlining the time frame for which they have to request a hearing. The time frame is typically 30 days from the day of the arrest or charge.

If the 30-day window is not met, then it could lead to an automatic suspension of the driver’s license, and the Lawrenceville driver forgoes their right to appeal the suspension.

During the hearing, evidence such as police reports, witness testimonies, and breathalyzer results could be presented as evidence and examined. Typically, in these situations, the burden of proof falls on the state to prove that a suspension of the license is indeed warranted.

Possible Outcomes of an ALS Hearing

There are generally three possible outcomes that could happen during an ALS hearing. Those outcomes are:

  • Upholding the suspension. Upholding the suspension would mean that the driver’s license would be automatically suspended.
  • Reducing the suspension. This would allow the driver the ability to regain their license but with some restrictions. Restrictions could include limited driving hours or having an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. There are also situations where a driver is restricted to driving only under certain conditions, such as to and from their place of work.
  • Revoking the suspension. Revoking the suspension would allow the driver to keep their driver’s license without any restrictions. This is the most favorable outcome for the driver.

Legal Help When You Need It

The legal team at The Fleming Firm is ready and willing to assist individuals who need help initiating an administrative license suspension hearing. Our team of experienced legal professionals has the tools and resources necessary to ensure you get the right legal support you need. Individuals deserve proper legal representation, and our firm is dedicated to serving you. Contact us today to speak with a legal professional for help with your case.