What the Heck is RSAT?

Preston Fleming

If you, or someone you know has faced or is facing criminal charged that involve drug possession or drug abuse you may have heard or be aware of the State offering RSAT to the defendant as part of a plea offer to avoid going to trial.

RSAT stands for Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program. It’s a nine month, intensive in-patient treatment program designed to treat offenders and probationers who happen to be struggling with substance abuse thereby reducing their dependency on illicit drugs and reducing their chances of relapsing and returning to prison.

Some Features of the RSAT Program Include:

  • As are most in-patient substance abuse treatment programs, RSAT is highly structured, intensive, and targeted to treat those that have a history of substance abuse or those whose substance abuse led to their arrest
  • The program incorporates psycho-educational groups or group therapy, individual counseling, work details, and vocational training
  • Offenders are subject to random drug screenings
  • The program is administered in 4 state Georgia prisons; Coastal State Prison in Savannah, Johnson State Prison in Wrightsville, Pulaski State Prison in Hawkinsville, and Valdosta State Prison in Valdosta

RSAT Could Be a Lifesaver!

If you or someone you know has been arrested is facing felony drug charges and is struggling with substance abuse RSAT could be a critical part of any plea deal your defense counsel and the state prosecutor agrees to. The bottom line is, in the past 10 years since the state of Georgia enacted RSAT there are thousands of success stories by which offenders have successfully completed the program, broken the cycle of addiction, and returned to their communities as productive citizens.

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