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    Attorney Fleming takes pride in his ability to research every angle of the relevant case law and statutes in his efforts to ensure that every possible motion, defense, and legal strategy is employed to achieve the best possible outcome for the client. Although no attorney can guarantee an outcome one way or the other, you can rest assured that Attorney Fleming will “leave no stone unturned” in defending your rights!

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    The average citizen has never even come in contact with law enforcement before, let alone been arrested. If you’ve been arrested for suspicion of DUI or other criminal offense there are a thousand things to be concerned about, chiefly among them, finding a good attorney on short notice. If you find yourself in a position in which you or your representative must speak with an attorney as soon as possible call The Fleming Firm. We are available 24/7 to take your call and weekend, evening and holiday appointments are available. All potential client calls are either answered immediately or returned within 24 hours.

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    Attorney Fleming firmly believes that problems only exist to be solved and every problem has a solution. Practicing law is a very challenging yet rewarding endeavor and every new case brings new challenges. Challenges also exist for the client and The Fleming Firm stands ready to not only fully represent the client, but also to assist in any way possible to help combat the unique challenges the client may face.

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Welcome to The Fleming Firm's website. I'm Attorney Preston Fleming and after reading this short introduction please click on the About Me link to learn more about me and my journey to becoming an attorney. I wanted to make a point of prominently displaying this introduction of the firm at the outset to obviously display my mission and vision statement to the public. But also, and most important, I wanted to inform the public and potential clients of the mindset the firm operates under. One of my favorite sayings is, “meet the client where he or she is.” In essence, what that means is whatever I can do as his or her attorney to make the process of hiring an attorney easier, less stressful, and as pleasant of an experience as it can be considering the circumstances.

Obviously, as a member of the Georgia bar, I have an obligation to diligently represent my client's interest and to provide them with the best legal advice and counsel I can give relative to the facts of their case. I am also obligated to explore any and all legal arguments and strategies to secure a resolution most favorable to my clients. But honestly, for me that is a low bar, and I am not satisfied if I can't offer my clients other intangibles that can sometimes make all the difference in the world in the trust and confidence a client has in her attorney.

Meeting the client where he is means agreeing to meet him outside of normal working hours because it's the only time he's available. I will gladly meet clients on Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings because sometimes, that's the only time hard working Georgians are free to meet with an attorney. It means offering flexible payment plans because either my client's income varies from month to month or frankly, he is simply not a high-income earner and normally would not be able to afford an attorney.

It means being available via phone, text, and email and responding within 24 hours to a client or potential client's inquiry. Finally, as the mission statement eludes to, it means employing the most technologically advanced practice management and client relations systems so that my administrative, non-essential work is minimized, which frees me up to concentrate wholeheartedly on the client's matter. If you've been arrested and charged with DUI or any other criminal offense, don't hesitate to contact The Fleming Firm anytime day or night at:

(770)727-0599 or 844-DUI-LAW1 to schedule YOUR FREE CONSULTATION!

Mission Statement

The Fleming Firm exists to provide outstanding legal services in the area of DUI and defense of other criminal acts. The firm is committed to delivering high quality services tailored to clients of all financial abilities. We accomplish this in part by utilizing the latest innovations and technologies which reduces our non-essential administrative work thereby allowing the attorney more time to work on your case, and by above all else, meeting the client where he or she is!

Vision Statement

The Fleming Firm strives to be one of the top DUI and Criminal Defense lawyers in the state of Georgia.


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We service all 159 counties in Georgia and if you are looking to hire an attorney to represent you, contact us today to set up an appointment for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. You can reach THE FLEMING FIRM by phone at (770)727-0599 or by simply filling out our quick contact form on this page. We look forward to providing immediate assistance with your legal issue.